Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sridhar Tayur proposes an entrepreneurial way to reform organ waiting lists

Deceased donor organs in the United States are allocated through regional (not national) waiting lists, which leads to some dramatic differences in e.g. waiting times in different parts of the country. Individual candidates for transplantation can register as patients in different regions, if they are healthy and wealthy enough to move around. (e.g. Steve Jobs received a liver in Memphis, although I recall he worked at a company located in California...)  He had access to good transportation opportunities.

CMU professor Srihar Tayur, who will be speaking at Stanford GSB at noon today, has an entrepreneurial project, OrganJet,  intended to give that kind of access to transportation to people for whom it has previously been an insuperable obstacle.  Here's an article about his operation: Can Private Jets for the Poor Save Health Care Dollars?

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