Sunday, May 15, 2011

Matching and marriage: my spousonomics interview

The spousonomics team asks me about matching close to home: Economists in Love: Al Roth

Here's the first question and answer, out of four...

"1. People think game theory has no place in a marriage. But you told me once that marriage is a big game made up of little games, and the trick is to focus on the big one, not get tripped up by the little ones. Explain.
I don’t recall that conversation, but my answer makes me think that you must have asked me whether game theory helped me get out of doing the dishes. That doesn’t strike me as the right focus, when you’re thinking about someone with whom you’re going to be lovers and friends and parents together, and each other’s closest confidant, most unconditional ally, and most devoted historian.  Let’s just say that marriage is a dynamic game that you play over a lifetime."

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