Sunday, September 6, 2009

Roommate matching

"Male or female? Smoker or nonsmoker?
Those two questions have long been the basis for the University of Arizona’s roommate-pairing formula. But a year ago the university decided to give incoming students seeking deeper compatibility another option: shopping for their roommates on the Web."

That's the first paragraph of an interesting story at Inside Higher Ed about using the web to improve roommate matching: Match at First Site .

"Arizona is one of a small but growing number of colleges that have contracted with RoommateClick, a service that lets students take the lead on a task that has historically fallen to campus housing officials by browsing and communicating with future classmates who have also signed up for the service. Students who have hit it off online can then request to bunk with each other."

For a different market, see my earlier post Housemate match .

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