Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gambling, in Russia

Gambling is sometimes regarded as a repugnant transaction, and sometimes as a tax on the willing. In Russia the pendulum has swung both ways. With the fall of communism, casinos became legal. Now they are becoming illegal, in all but some distant parts of Russia: Exiled by Russia: Casinos and Jobs

"The government is shutting down every last legal casino and slot-machine parlor across the land, under an antivice plan promoted by Vladimir V. Putin that just a few months ago was widely perceived as far-fetched. But the result will be hundreds of thousands of people thrown out of work.
And in a move that at times seems to have taken on almost farcical overtones, the Kremlin has offered the gambling industry only one option for survival: relocate to four regions in remote areas of Russia, as many as 4,000 miles from the capital. The potential marketing slogans — Come to the Las Vegas of Siberia! Have a Ball near the North Korean Border! — may not sound inviting, but that is in part what the government envisions. "

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YCL said...

Meanwhile, Singapore has done the opposite--the gov't is starting to build "integrated resorts," which is basically a euphemism for casinos. More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_Resort